folder fold‧er [ˈfəʊldə ǁ ˈfoʊldər] noun [countable]
1. a cover for keeping loose papers in, made of card or plastic:

• All the correspondence is in this folder.

2. COMPUTING a place in a computer where a group of related file S are stored, usually appearing on the screen as a picture of a folder:

• Most programs automatically create a document folder on the desktop.

* * *

folder UK US /ˈfəʊldər/ noun [C]
WORKPLACE a piece of plastic or cardboard folded down the middle and used for keeping loose papers in: »

She handed me a folder containing the schedule of talks.

IT a place on a computer where files or programs can be stored: »

You can back up files and folders with two clicks.

copy sth into a folder »

Download the document and then copy it into a folder on your computer.


create/open/name a folder

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